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Mangkuk Tingkat Delivery Service

A food delivery service with a unique twist – use your own tiffin carriers or purchase a set from us and select from our delicious menu choices to enjoy a packed lunch reminiscent of the olden “Kampung” lifestyle. Perfect for soccer moms who have limited time to prepare home-cooked meals, for the home-sick students, or for the working person on-the-go. All our meals are guaranteed Halal and fresh.

Serves 3-12pax

One Mangkuk Tingkat Set serves 1-3 pax, 4-6pax, or 10-12 pax; prices are fixed per pax size, and includes 3 types of “Lauk”, and side dishes. During fasting month (Ramadhan), extra 1-2 type(s) of traditional “Kuih-muih” will be included as the desert.

Light on the Wallet

This is a great way to save money – by purchasing meal sets collectively, each person spends less on a daily and/or weekly basis, throughout all 7 days of the week. Our portion sizes are guaranteed to make you full.

Convenient and Time-saving

The Mangkuk Tingkat Menus allow you to save cooking prep time and are a convenient way to enjoy hearty home-cooked meals on-the-go. Delivery is also guaranteed to be on time.

Environmentally Friendly

Tiffin carriers can be conveniently washed and re-used. Use your own or purchase one from us upon ordering (one-time purchase). Select either plastic or metal, as you prefer. Prices range from RM120 (Waahidun set:1-3pax), RM240(Itsnaani set:4-6pax), and RM360(tsalaatsatun set:10-12pax).

Terms and Conditions

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